Fall Hours

Monday - Thursday:  Closed 

Friday: 4-9 pm 

Saturday: 1 - 9pm 

Sunday: 1-8 pm 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

At Norton's Main Scoop we have something to make everyone smile! 

Small Batch Homemade Ice Cream produced with the most natural ingredients available.  

  • 50+ custom crafted Ice Cream Flavors

  • Large selection of Dairy Free & Vegan flavors

  • Sorbet & Italian Ice

  • Soft Serve in Unique Flavors

  • Sugar Free

  • Custom Cakes 

  • Birthday Parties 


Puppies are welcome...we have treats for them too! 

Zoom chat about norton's

season 4- 2021 

with Matthew Conde of Century 21